Xiamen Huadian's iEDS Expert Diagnosis System Successfully Operated at 220kV Heavy-base Substati


The Intelligent Transformation Project of 10kV Switchgear for 220kV Heavy-base Substation of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. as contracted by Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance of the expert team of China Southern Power Gridon August 16, 2019, and was successfully put into operation.

Xiamen Huadian is responsible for the intelligent transformation of 10kV switchgear for 220kV heavy-base substation, adding: 1. Temperature measurement of moving and fixed contacts; 2. Video monitoring; 3. Current monitoring of opening and closing coils of circuit breaker, as well ascurrent monitoring of energy storage motor; 4. On-line monitoring of mechanical characteristics of circuit breaker and other functions; and 5. Configuration of intelligent monitoring and expert diagnosis system.

For the Intelligent Transformation Project of 10kV Switchgear for 220kV Heavy-base Substation of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, it is the first time that the intelligent products of 

Xiamen Huadian have been applied in power grids, which has a milestone significance for the construction of smart grids.

Low-cost High-efficiency Expert Diagnosis System 

The expert diagnosis system can monitor the status of the switchgear, analyze the fault condition of the switchgear, predict the service life of the product, and remove the hidden dangers of the switchgear. The entire diagnosis and analysis does not require personnel to participate or employ experts. It is a fast, high-efficiency and low-cost professional diagnosis system.

Fault maintenance: maintenance work conducted in case of any equipment fault or abnormality detected to restore normal operation;

Regular maintenance: visual inspection, equipment cleaning, lubrication of mechanical parts, replacement of worn parts and routine test;

③Risk maintenance: analyze equipment operation parameters, environmental information, etc., in combination with the service environment, the operation condition in the system, equipment production process conditions, etc., evaluate the equipment condition and risks, and determine the maintenance plan;

④ Condition overhaul: the expert group checks the operating data, analyzes and determines the condition of the equipment;

⑤Expert diagnosis system: the operating data of the switchgear is obtained and stored through the intelligent acquisition unit, and the expert diagnosis system will analyzethe data, determine the health condition of the equipment, output the equipment status and predict its service life;

The intelligence and automation concepts of the iEDS expert diagnosis system, combined with high-quality sensors and intelligent monitoring units, does not change the structure and reliability of the equipment when realizing the monitoring requirements. By means of intelligent real-time monitoring and big data analysis&application, the logic of "Monitoring- Analysis- Pre-judgment- Fault Location" can greatly reduce the probability of unexpected power outages, improve the quality of power supply and allow customers to obtain the return on their investment first time.

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