New Product Launch of Airing®-T Eco-friendly Self-extinguishing Load Switchgear-Fuse Combinatio


To meet the needs of the market, society and the times, further promote the construction of a safe, reliable, cost-effective, technologically advanced and eco-friendly power distribution network facilities and services system. Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the industry-leading Airing®-T Eco-friendly Self-extinguishing Load Switchgear - Fuse Combination Unit (RMU), and put the products into market on August 30, 2019.

Airing® Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU) issuitable for three-phase AC 50Hz and the rated voltage of 12kV and adoptseco-friendly gas for main insulation and arc extinguishing, and the advanced design concepts and manufacturing processes comply with GB3804, GB3906, GB16926, GB1984, GB1985, GB/T11022 and other relevant standards.

Airing® Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated RMU follows the concept of green and environmental protection, with strong environmental adaptability, safety and reliability, which intelligently leads the development trend of eco-friendly RMUs, making them widely used in the fields of power distribution networks of power system, municipal engineering, industrial power distribution, commercial real estate, residence community, etc.

Airing Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU)

Integrated Intelligence
>>Airing® Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated RMU meet the development needs of intelligent distribution network. The operating mechanism can be manually or electrically operated, and signal switch position signals, as well as current and voltage signals are provided to realize the functions of "Telemetry, remote signaling and remote control" and to meet the short-term and long-term development of primary and secondary integration.
>>"Plug & Play" function: different function modules can be installed in different stages of construction of the distribution network to achieve the corresponding functions, and the function is easy to extend.

Functional Characteristics

>>Eco-friendly and Intelligent
①Airing® Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated RMU adopts micro-positive pressure technology (relative atmospheric pressure: 0.01MPa), which is slightly higher than the external atmospheric pressure, to effectively preventexternal moisture and impurities from entering the gas box, so as to achievea maintenance-free gas box.
②The gas box adopts advanced laser welding technology, which greatly improves the welding quality of the product gas box and can make the gas boxmaintenance-free during its service life.
③The standard configuration of Airing® Series Eco-friendly Intelligent Fully Enclosed Switchgear is that there is no need to install a pressure gauge, while the pressure gauge can also be configured according to different customer needs. This function is optional. If there is a need, please specify it in the order.
>> Safe and reliable 
①Airing® Series Eco-friendly Intelligent Fully Enclosed Switchgear designed with auniquebuilt-in arcing channelcan ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, without the need to add another arcing channel! Moreover, it can ensure the safety of the operating personnel.
②Airing® Series Eco-friendly Intelligent Fully Enclosed Switchgear designed with auniquevisible three-position disconnecting/grounding switch can ensure the safety of the operating personnel.

Airing® Series Eco-friendly Intelligent Fully Enclosed Switchgear is a kind of newly emerging eco-friendly switchgear in China and even around the world. Its technical feature is the use of eco-friendly gases with excellent self-recovery performance, such as nitrogen or dry air, as the main insulating medium, so as to shield all high-voltage components such as bus, circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, transformers, etc. in an airtight grounded stainless steel shell. Its biggest advantage is that the high-voltage insulation is not affected by external environmental conditions such as humidity, condensation, salt fog, dust, wind and sand, pollution, small animals, chemically corrosive substances and other climate conditions during operation. Disconnecting switches, grounding switches and circuit breakers are all equipped with electric remote control operation function. There is no danger of electric shock for operation and maintenance personnel. The product is characterized by safety, high reliability, simple operation, small size, maintenance-free and a high level of automation. 

Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed the Self-extinguishing Load Switchgear unit, Self-extinguishing Load Switchgear + fuse combination unitand vacuum circuit breaker unit with patents for invention. Since the operation of the first batch of products in 2015, Airing Series Eco-friendly Gas Insulated RMU has been applied nationwide to provide safe and reliable guarantee for a myriad twinkling lights, and meanwhile to promote the development of low-carbon eco-friendly power grids construction.
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